How do students get credit?

While trying to complete their education, miles away from home and family, the needs and expenses are never-ending. The need for money always goes on when it comes to school money, dormitory or home rent, clothes, book books, stationery money.

After a while, the student, who is afraid to ask for money from her family, starts to look for ways to get credit either to meet her needs or perhaps to support her family.

The state’s existing education loan is already known to everyone

The state

We have also explored ways for students to get credit for you, except for this learning loan that everyone can easily get. – Do Banks Give Loans to Students Who Do Not Work and Do Not Have Insurance? It cannot be said that the students working on the one hand while studying, on the one hand, will have a lot of problems in the process of getting credit from the banks since they already have a certain amount of monthly income.

So, can a student who does not have a net monthly income, other than a tuition loan or family allowance, or who does not work in a particular job, apply for a loan? If the student is not working but there are registered properties, if he has monthly rental income, he can apply for a loan with his family being a guarantor.

However, a monthly income statement must be made

However, a monthly income statement must be made

Apart from this, banks give loans under the name of “education loan” for the student, but parents should apply to this loan, not a student. In this case, the parent can, of course, take a loan under the name of “consumer loan”, but the interest rates of education loans are much more affordable. So, when you apply for an education loan or personal loan through your parent, what are the conditions the bank is looking for and what information does it ask for? First of all, your credit rating is a very important factor here, as in every loan.

Then, you need to prepare documents for the income statement, at least 2 or 3 months ago, which are still ongoing insurance and any property that can be shown as a mortgage, if any. Although not all banks follow strict and strict credit policies in this way, it seems quite difficult for a student to get credit as it is seen. – Do I Have Any Other Options Other Than Loan Application? As such, students began to find ways to handle their cash needs in other ways. Banks, which are very strict in lending to students, are very comfortable in giving credit cards.

Withdrawing cash from credit card with low-interest rate

Withdrawing cash from credit card with low-interest rate

It is also convenient in almost every bank’s credit card. You can realize this cash withdrawal, which can be considered as a kind of loan, provided that it has a maximum installment of 9 months, and you can repay the installments from month to month as if you paid the same loan. Especially after the prohibition of the purchase of mobile phones by installments to credit cards, the banks that have earned a large amount of interest with the interest rates added to this loan have also started to be generous about credit card limits due to the great interest in the withdrawal of credit cards.

Therefore, you can easily withdraw cash with low interest from your credit card, the limit of which is increased to 2 thousand or 3 thousand, and you can pay in installments in 9 months. At this point, you should keep in mind the 9-month limit and you should calculate the monthly installment amount you need to pay well and remember to consider the interests. In addition, if you are using an additional card attached to your family, we will not be able to warn you that the cash credit you will withdraw will appear on your family’s statement.