Easy Ways to Get a Loan


Banks are legal and reliable institutions that you can apply in financial transactions. It’s business and operations are under control. Almost all law articles are on the side of consumers. In this context, use only banks in your financial transactions. If you want to get credit, you can first determine whether your conditions are suitable for this or not.

Unconditional credit is not granted to everyone

Unconditional credit is not granted to everyone


Within the scope of the limits set by the laws and the principles of banks to guarantee themselves. Credit allocations are subject to serious audits due to the increasing performance of enforcement proceedings for the consumer in recent years.

In addition, state policy was developed for the control of national indebtedness and the conditions for using loans were made difficult. Especially in order to prevent increasing credit card borrowings, taking serious preventive measures in disruptions in payments has become a legal obligation.

For many years, due to the minimum payment methods applied on credit cards, many credit card holders have fallen under irrevocable debt. For this reason, with a regulation, the state-imposed obligations on banks to restrict the cash withdrawal of credit card users who pay minimum 3 times a year, and to completely restrict the use of the credit card of the user who does not pay minimum 3 times a year.

In this context, even using a credit card is not easy anymore. In addition, purchases of jewelry and mobile technologies in installments are restricted.

Similar practices are also applied to loans

Similar practices are also applied to loans


Banks want to give loans because this is their income gate. However, as the unsupervised loan leads to serious public losses, the state conducts some audits on banks through the Banking Supervision Board.

Taking credit within the scope of preventive and control measures that we mentioned above is also subject to serious conditions. For example, the credit rating submitted by the credit registry office is taken into account in the credit pre-acceptance, and the central bank data must also be included in the evaluation.

No banker can allocate credit without considering this data. While making credit allocation, these prerequisites are prerequisites for evaluation. No matter how much income you have, it is not possible to get credit if your payment habits prevent your score from rising. Also, if you have debts in case of judicial and administrative follow-up, it is not possible to use credit and card again. In addition, your debts to the public (Tax debt, SSI premium debt etc.) are factors that prevent you from using credit in some cases.

For these reasons, if you have serious debts, it is meaningless to apply for a loan without removing them. Acceptable debts, on the other hand, are inspected by the bank’s head offices and you can use certain amounts of credit within the scope of the approvals to be given from these centers.

To facilitate the use of credit, you must first clear your debts. At least it would be a good step to reduce your minor delays. Because your existing delays will decrease your credit rating regardless of the amount of the debt.

Besides, it is useful to be rational in the amount of credit you want to use. It is unlikely that you can use more than 10 times your income. If you owe more than 10 times your documentable monthly income, additional documents and surety may be requested for you to borrow more.

Another method to speed up the process

Another method to speed up the process

Of getting bank loans is to declare a guarantor who can provide you with collateral for your debt. While some amounts require bail, some situations can facilitate and speed up the process.

Another way to get easy loans will be to choose the bank where your regular income, that is, your salary, lies. Banks give loans to their existing customers more easily as they know their regular customers’ incomes and follow them regularly. In addition, all banks have a fast credit limit defined by existing customers. It is very easy to use the credit within this limit.