How to Cancel a Credit?

Your credit turned out positive. However, after this date, you changed your mind and found cash. You want to cancel your credit. There are some procedures you should follow at this stage.

Is Approved Credit Must-Have Obtained?

You can cancel even if your loan application is approved. Generally, when you apply with SMS, you will receive an SMS confirmation that your application has been approved. If you do not return to this message, the bank official will call you in a day or two and ask you to get your credit most time. If you say that you gave up at this stage, your credit will never be processed. You have to present certain documents to the bank for your loan payment to take place anyway. Your credit will automatically be canceled because you have not presented them to the bank. If you give up after handing over the documents to the bank, you can still tell the bank official that you want to cancel your application. The officer usually fills in a cancellation form.

If it is included in the contract, few banks may ask you to pay a certain amount of expenses due to cancellation. However, since many applications are made via sms, Atm or websites, the cancellation has become easier. The cancellation is even simpler as the application from the website is not an official application.

Cancellation can only be done without you signing the contract and crediting. If you have taken a mortgage loan, you may be charged for this transaction since you are assessed in case you cancel your loan.

Can the withdrawn credit be canceled?

Can the withdrawn credit be canceled?

The most curious question borrowers are, can we cancel the loan after withdrawing it? Generally, people who are met with a more suitable loan after a loan is withdrawn or who do not want to pay cash in installments and want to pay the installment interest want to cancel the loan. Banks can cancel credit under certain conditions in these situations.

There are 2 important points to be considered when canceling bank loans. The first is to pay attention to return the contract before signing. At this stage, there is generally no such thing as a payment or deduction. Because until this stage, the bank has not made any expenses.

What happens in case of cancellation after the contract is signed?

What happens in case of cancellation after the contract is signed?

Performing the cancellation after signing the contract will give you a certain payment. This practice is not available for all banks, but some banks require payment under an early closure penalty. In this case, the bank only wants the interest that has worked until that day. In such cases, after making the payment, you can take the document that proves your payment, such as a receipt and apply to the consumer delegation. If deemed appropriate, you can undo your payment. According to the Consumer Loan Contracts Regulation, you have the right to close the loan as a consumer within 14 days. But if this price was used during this period, you will be liable to pay the operating interest during the period. Insurance deductions made are calculated according to the day you close the loan and the rest will be returned to you.  

In order not to deal with such situations, you should determine your needs well, check that you have made a reasonable decision when applying for credit, and try not to take more than you need. The faster you act when you want to cancel your loan, the better the chances that banks will cancel the transaction before processing your loan. You will not be welcome to pay the cost of the file of money you do not spend in any way.